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Posted by softwareguru on July 27, 2014

Chris asks…

Is Winweb security a real or false virus scanner?

I was just wondering if the winweb securiy virus scanner is real or false? If it is false how do I remove it?
And in real or false i mean is it a real virus scanner or is it a actual virus?

softwareguru answers:

It’s false. Winweb security is a computer parasite. Here’s a comprehensive removal guide:

Robert asks…

How many virus scanners should I have?

I want lots of security for my computer, so I want to know how many virus scanners/firewalls/spyware scanners I ought to have. I already have three virus scanners and I’m thinking about getting two more.
I recently got an e-mail with a virus in it. I found out that some viruses do not show up on some scanners.

softwareguru answers:

Hi ,
always use only one security software on your computer .

Now security software ( AV , IS , total ) detected almost all threats .

Better purchase full option: maximum security , norton 360 or norton one and webroot secure anywhere complete .

Base trendmicro report any 4 secend make 1 threat .

Always purchase and download software from original company website .

Regards ,

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