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Posted by softwareguru on July 22, 2014

Donald asks…

Is Norton Internet Security a best anti virus?

I have windows 7 home premium. I am planning to install norton internet security 2008 in it. Is it a good one? Can i install norton internet security and norton 360 at once???????????
Help me…..!!!!

softwareguru answers:

No Norton is the WORST

First of all you can try Trends online Scanner called House Call to try and remove the problem you have. Http://

Norton,MSE(Microsoft security essentials) and MacAfee are the worst Anti Virus you can get, they are just marketing tools made by Microsoft, hence why they are always free with computers then expect you to pay a fortune to have them permanently, and then you need to download special tools to remove them completely. You will need the Norton/McAfee Removal Tool as well as removing it from programmes and features.

PC Techs like myself check every antivirus, new and old, looking for the best one to provide ourselves with and most importantly our clients. Norton/McAfee never finds the really harmful viruses

AVG, Malwarebytes are going downhill so I no longer recommend them unfortunately. Avast and Avira are absolute dire.

The best anti viruses you can get are Trend Micro or Kaspersky, both offer a free 1 month trial before you buy. Trend/Kaspersky is only £34 a year, so very cheap.
They have there own Firewall, internet and email protection. Kaspersky also has a virtual keyboard that you can use to type in passwords and bank details so that key loggers can’t trace your information. You don’t get this with AVG, Avira, Avast etc
Every qualified PC tech like myself recommends these, and businesses we service also use them.

You can find them here:

These are only free for a month but are the BEST. The Housecall really proves it to be honest

If you only want a Free one, get Superantispyware (free edition) this is the best Free one you can get :

Please do not go with what unqualified people are telling you when it comes to PC Security. I know people don’t agree with each other, but what I am giving is expert advice. I am not spamming, or giving false information ( for those who like to click the report button etc)

You can also Google “Trend Titanium Full version +Keygen free” and download it, this is the best one out there. The Keygen gives you the code so you can activate it for a year and not a month

If anyone tells you to use Reginout , DONT. Reginout is a virus programme itself, alot of people on here dont realise that and tell people to download it.

Carol asks…

I think my computer has a bunch of viruses. How can I detect and remove them?

I would like to purchase Norton Anti-virus to protect me going forward, but does this product also detect and remove existing viruses? If not, what legit product can detect and remove existing viruses on my computer?

softwareguru answers:


I am a CERTIFIED IT TECH, with A+, Windows 7, and MCSE certifications. Security is my forte

do this instead, and u will be virus/spyware/malware free in no time

Step #1. Restart, and before the computer logo comes on( dell, hp, or whatever ur computer is) PRESS F 8 A COUPLE OF TIMES– a black screen with white lettering will appear. With ur u and down arrows, select SAFE MODE WITH NETWORKING) the computer should look weird as it starts up in safe mode( don’t worry/its all fine)

Step #2. Download Malware-bytes from: ( the free one)
(YES, for people that continue to tell me that Malwarebytes, doesnt NEED to run in safe mode: it does actually, since 99% of the time, the infected computers will NOT allow Malwarebytes to run in regular mode,HOWEVER it will work in safe mode with networking-in reality, im saving everyone time )

Once Malwarebytes has installed, select Perform quick scan, then click Scan.
When the scan is complete, click OK, then Show Results to view the results.
Be sure that everything is checked, and click Remove Selected.

Step# 3 Download AVAST from
On the lest side, click DOWNLOAD NOW
Follow the same steps from Malware-bytes( it will be a bit different since it is a different program, but the essentials are the same: install AVAST, run scan, check found results, and remove them)

Step# 4. Download CCleaner from:

Install it, and run it. CCleaner is one of the best programs when it comes to freeing up space on your computer

After this, restart your computer, and everything should be back to normal. ( these are my instructions) However, if you want more, you can always go here for even more detailed info.
Do not download more then necessary. One of the biggest myths and mistakes made by people in general, is thinking that the more anti virus programs you have installed on your computer the better it is.THAT IS A MISTAKE AND A MYTH. The reason for that is because anti virus programs counteract and overwrite each other, thus errors in removing viruses. One ativirus an one anti malware, is more then enough.

Yes, malware-bytes, it is not only for malware/spyware, BUT ALSO for viruses.

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