Your Questions About Virus Removal Tools

Posted by softwareguru on July 23, 2014

Lisa asks…

How do i remove the dropper generic trojan? Or steps for the dropper generic removal?

My computer got infected by the Dropper Generic trojan. It sometimes deletes folders and changes my desktop color. I really hate it because i have to restart my computer sometimes. I found a few antispyware programs like AVG and Spybot but was wondering if you knew any manual steps or better programs? Maybe a Dropper Generic Removal tool.

softwareguru answers:

Use this link ( ) to learn how to remove this virus.

Maria asks…

How do you remove a virus in the System32 folder URGENT?

i have windows xp and my macafee antivirus blocks a few trojans everyday that are from this folder. i have run virus scans but it wont detect anything. the symptoms of this virus are that i cannot install the malicious software removal tool from microsoft, and that auto updates for both macafee and windows are turned off. THANKS

softwareguru answers:

Please try to scan your computer in safe by using updated antivirus program.

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