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Posted by softwareguru on July 18, 2014

Susan asks…

How to uninstall McAfee VirusScan when it is not listed in the add/remove menu?

I have uninstalled McAfee VirusScan a while ago; it is still claiming to be my virus protection in my security center. I have installed McAfee removal tool and its taking a long time to prepare installation. Any suggestion besides system recovery; I’ve tried system restore and restored it back to last week….

softwareguru answers:

That will make it so you cannot install anything! Go to where you installed it, and look in every folder and file to try to find an uninstaller. If you can’t find it, install Microsoft Security Essentials. It uninstalls all antivirus before installing itself. If you did find it, great!
Seriously though, get Microsoft Security Essentials. It’s amazing.

Paul asks…

How do I remove a Trojan/Worm/Virus from Windows Live Messenger?

I have managed to acquire a virus/Trojan/worm on Windows Messenger Live and can’t seem to get rid of it. It sends a message to people on my contact list and hen offers a file to download, if you download the file you’re infected. I’ve tried various Trojan scanners, windows malicious software removal tool and other scanners without any luck.

softwareguru answers:

You have a virus! & here’s how to remove it
First disable all antivirus and spyware programs (there not doing anything anyway) by clicking start menu then run then type msconfig go to start-up uncheck Antivirus & then go to services check off hide all Microsoft services and uncheck AV. Then restart computer in safe mode or not (safe mode not always needed).

Also, turn off System Restore to evict any copies of bad stuff that might be lurking there.

(Try This First) Malwarebytes Anti Malware FREE EDITION (one of the free AV to Remove Antivirus 2009)

Kaspersky AV 2009 30 day trial
To get into Safe Mode or Safe Mode with Networking: (Safe Mode May Not Be Required)

Also, turn off System Restore to evict any copies of bad stuff that might be lurking there.

1. Log out and reboot your machine.
2. When the machine starts the reboot sequence, press the F8 key repeatedly.
3. Select Safe Mode or Safe Mode with Networking from the resulting menu.
4. When the login screen comes up, log in as Administrator. By default, Administrator has no password.
5. The machine will continue booting, but the Windows desktop will look different.
6. When you’re finished doing what you need to do, log out and reboot back into normal mode.

When finished removing malware schedule a CHECK DISK by going to My Computer Local C Properties Tools and Check Disk Restart Computer let it scan and done!

If you are getting internet pop-up’s try resetting IE7 by going to Settings Options Advanced and click RESET(Sometimes when malware is removed some parts stay behind that still has configured IE7 differently this undo’s everything)

If you are concerned about AV software that didn’t stop said virus here is the best one available for free to make sure this doesn’t happen again

If you choose to use the AV software provided and would like a professional uninstaller here that is too

REVO Uninstaller Free Edition

Open the program and double click program and do advanced uninstall and ONLY CHECK OFF BOLD ITEMS
and it will force install and delete every trace of the program

Best free AV suite
Here are the stats to check it out Oct 08 Compare your current AV and Spyware against Microsoft (Windows Defender) and Avira

Avira 99.8% against Viruses Free Edition

Comodo Firewall Pro Free Edition
For Hacker Protection With the only Leak test proof Firewall (means your information doesn’t leak out to the internet)

Windows Defender 97.15% Against Spyware
Free With Valid Copy of Windows

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