Your Questions About Virus Removal Software

Posted by softwareguru on January 31, 2013

Maria asks…

I need a free virus removal software program?

I just scanned my computer with a virus removal software and it said that i have roughly 3000 viruses…everything from backdoors, trojans, polymorphic trojans, worms, and everything in between. if you could lead me to a free software as to i will not have to pay it will be of great help. thank you!

softwareguru answers:

Download AVG free edition it will remove all those viruses. Follow the link i post and click the download button at the bottom of the page. Make sure u hit it says free. And u will be set to go.

Chris asks…

what if i find a better virus removal software.?

I went online and took your advice (thanx) by not fooling with best buy, and i downloaded a very good virus removal software. The only problem is that i still have the personal antivirus on there and it keeps popping up at the bottom of the screen. Can anybody tell me , if possible, how can I uninstall it off of my computer?

softwareguru answers:

Here’s step by step instructions to delete personal antivirus:

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