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Posted by softwareguru on August 11, 2014

Linda asks…

What is the best virus protection if you already have viruses?

I have quite a few viruses on my computer, one scan said 112, and about 50 some spyware. I am using the free AOL virus protection and it is awful. I’m looking for the best virus protection to remove the exsisting viruses and help protect my computer from others. I would prefer an all-in-one program, with virus protection, spy-ware, ad-ware, all of that. It doesn’t have to be free. Any good ones out there?

softwareguru answers:

Thats an awful lot of virus, Download the avg free antivirus as well as the spyware doctor and update both and shut your computer off and restart it in safe mode by tapping the F-8 key during the startup and then run both tools while in safe mode and it will get it, you may have to scan a couple times due to the enormous amount of viruses,

This is very good tool and I recommend it to keep your pc in good running condition,

Windows Advanced Care , This tool will keep you computer running good and you can see the startup programs to help you understand what runs in the startup programs; It also imunizes your computer against the attcks we face each time we go on the internet Just run it once a day and your worrys are much less,

Here is a very good tool called Winpatrol and it monitors your computer for programs that try to run on your system without your knowlege, This tool also allows you to manage all the startup programs on your computer,, It also warns you if a program tries to run without your permission, I use this software and I recommend it,

Here is a free and very good antivirus tool called avg free,
Note; You should never use more than one antivirus on your computer at a time,

Here is the PC Tools free antivirus and is a very good antivirus
Note; You should never run more than one antivirus on your computer at a time,,

The free edition of spyware doctor, The best for removing spyware and malware and its free,

Here is the adaware se free personal and is a very good spyware removal tool

Here is an antispyware software called avg free antispyware, It is a totally free software and it works very well,


David asks…

How do I get rid of this possible virus or malware?

I think i may have a virus. I can’t log into the administrator user because my computer keeps shutting down and it’s the only user that can scan for viruses. How do i scan for a virus or even get rid of one?

softwareguru answers:

The best way is too go to a uninfected computer and download this Malware removal ISO software.
If your knowledgeable you can load this to USB boot stick
if not
You will need a ISO burner program so here’s a easy to use ISO burner freebie.
Now burn a cd with the Malwarebytes ISO using CDBurnerXP.
Here’s the Help walk thru on burning the ISO.
Now insert cd into infected computer and reboot it, follow the instructions and you should be ready to go.

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