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Posted by softwareguru on August 3, 2014

Sandy asks…

How to remove security tools virus when i can’t enter windows?

The security tools virus has been installed into my computer and now i can’t boot windows. Whenever i get to the welcome screen, it shuts itself down. Can i get some way to solve this?
Yes, i can’t enter safe mode too. It justs starts and returns to the select account page.

softwareguru answers:

Safe mode is F8. Try that to see if you can get windows to load. If so, choose safe mode with networking and download malicaious software removal tool from the link below. Good luck!!


Nancy asks…

How do I got rid of a Trojan virus? And how can i get free virus removal and software?

please help me! my mouse is going very slow and my screen keeps turning dark

softwareguru answers:

Try (CNET) to get good dependable anti virus software. Download the software and run it and it should detect and eliminate your virus.

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