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Posted by softwareguru on June 30, 2014

Donald asks…

How to get virus off your laptop without the internet connection?

I have over 100 viruses on my Toshiba A150 laptop, and I want to remove all them from my laptop, but my computer won’t connect to the Internet. I have wifi access, but the browser display ‘Page cannot be found’. I tried to install Norton, but it wouldn’t install; it required internet access to complete installation. What do I do?

softwareguru answers:

Well, this is tricky.

The answers you get for this one may sound the same, but it’s hard to remove a virus from a computer without internet access, because most virus removal software have a virus database that it uses to seek and destroy such problems. If you can get to a starbucks, they have free wifi, I would suggest downloading avast virus remover and let it work. Just buy a Solo-grande-soy-white-mocha-light-whip-no-foam, and let your computer be cleansed of all your naughty surfing habits.

If this is an impossibilty, you can take it to a trusted friend with the internet and let him remove the viruses for you, or you can over pay the geeksquad in your area for the removal.

If all else fails and the internet is not an option. Get a full copy of windows disk and do a complete setup that will format(delete everything from your hard drive) and start over.

I hope this helps.

David asks…

How can I protect my computer from viruses?

I got a virus a month ago and now Im really scared to do anything on my computer.

What can I use to prevent viruses?

softwareguru answers:

Norton or symantic are good providers. There is a variety of services. Norton 360 has worked for me. Many times you can find free virus removal software but be careful there are fake programs that actually can install malware/spyware/viruses. Be careful – research thoroughly and I would suggest checking out a paid anti-virus provider.

AVG is a good free version if cost is a factor… Make sure to download it directly from their site and not from third party download sites like (I’ve received viruses from them before)

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