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Posted by softwareguru on August 14, 2014

Chris asks…

What are some free virus removal software programs?


also when i log in into my computer everyday after starting it up. These black boxes appear with my user log in name and have codes in them. what do they mean?

softwareguru answers:

Check the AV section of the Free Software Catalog:

I recommend AVG.

Your description of the black boxes could potentially be some kind of spyware. If it could also be an anomaly with your video drivers.

In either case I would make sure your machine is clear of any infections. Run a full scan with AVG.

Nancy asks…

how do i get rid of a virus that is undetected by by virus removal software?

i keep getting these stupid pop ups. i have pop up blacker and all but it doesnt stop them. i also have spy bot, norton anti virus, and mcafee, trying to detect this virus, but they all say my computer is clean. i know for sure i have this virus. how can i get rid of it?

softwareguru answers:

When did this problem start happening?

If only this week try performing System Restore. Restore your computer to an earlier date

To do System Restore:
a. Click on Start
b. Click on All Programs
c. Click on Accessories
d. Click on System Tools
e. Click on System Restore
f. System Restore will open
g. Click on Restore your computer to an earlier time
h. Click on Next
i. Try to choose a date last week or days ago that you are not having this problem.
G. Just follow the prompts, Click on Next
NOTE: The computer will logoff just let the computer do the restore

Try optimizing Internet Exlorer Browser
a. Check first the version
Click Help
Click About Internet Explorer

If you are using IE7 or version 7
a. Close IE
b. Click on Start
c. Click on Control Panel
d. Open Network and Internet Connections
e. Open Internet Options
NOTE: If Network and Internet Connections is separated just try to look for Internet Options
f. At Internet Options
Click on Advanced on the upper right
Click on Reset at the bottom portion
Click on Close
Click on Apply and OK

If you are using version 6
Click on Tools on the upper verions
Click on Internet Options
Under Generl Tab Delete Files, Delete Cookies
Then Go to Security Tab, Click on Default Level
Then Go to Privacy, Click on Default
Then Go to Programs Tab, Click on Reset Web Settings
Then Go to Advanced Click on Restore Defaults
Click on Apply and OK

The program is called smitfraudfix…
— Just follow the instruction there

then do an Online ewido scan…
Just remove all those infections

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