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Posted by softwareguru on September 6, 2014

Betty asks…

Are there any good books on virus removal?

I need a good book on virus/spyware removal. I clean up pc’s for people that don’t want windows reinstalled. It is time consuming, but many people have been pleased with my service. However, I need to learn more. Does anyone know of any good books on deep pc cleaning?..i.e. without reinstalling windows?

softwareguru answers:

Try subscribing to the bugtraq mailing lists at for some good info on the subject. As for books, the problem is that malware evolves so quickly that by the time the book gets into print it’s outdated. You might try reading up on system internals and the registry, which will give you a better understanding of where and how Windows is vulnerable. The Hacking Exposed series of books is pretty good, and I always recommend anything written by Mark Minasi, who is a genius at Windows system internals. His work is very difficult to understand, but can be very helpful. Try downloading tools from as well (they’re now owned by microsoft but the tools are still available).

There are some good books at Amazon as well – skim the list at and see what looks good to you. I have some of the books on rootkits but haven’t gotten around to reading them yet, so I can’t give an opinion.

Steven asks…

How come when I click a site from google’s search results it directs me to another page!?

I have a anti virus software which I ran and it said I had a threat but I removed it. I don’t know why this is still happening! My firewall is on and I delete cookies n stuff. What could it be?!?
It takes me to a search egine fake sites! It’s not the site that is the site.

softwareguru answers:

Google redirects are mainly caused by rootkit or trojan infections. Basically a trojan infects your computer and redirects your search results away from Google, Yahoo and others, to websites affiliated with the trojan makers.

If your antivirus is unable to pick up the infection, you can try the free trojan removal service offered by, link below.


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