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Posted by softwareguru on September 1, 2014

Steven asks…

What are is a safe beginner tool for your pc to keep it optimized without messing with the registry?

My husband bout me a new pc, and he worked real hard to buy it for me, (other than anti-virus, and anti-spyware) what programs do I need to have to make sure it keeps running its best? I used AdAware when I first got it and accidentally deleted an important file that came w/ my pc. (I had to use System Restore to get it back so I uninstalled AdAware). I’m still learning and i don’t want to install the wrong thing.

softwareguru answers:

There is alot that you can do for free to keep your pc optimized without messing with the registry.

1) Here is a trusted program, that I have used for years out of China, that is 100% safe to keep your registry clean. I never had to use the backup.

Http:// Download their free eusing registry cleaner. (About 1/2 down the webpage)

Install free for home personal use. Http:// Install their free firewall will protect you from rogue traffice incoming/outgoing.

If you are not comfortable with Adware Se Personal, then you can download an even better program. Just download their free version of This program is known to find spyware that all other miss. I use this myself.


Also download from Austria, A2Squared Malware their free version. Will protect you against rouge dialers, trace spyware, malware, etc. Etc. I use myself. Http://

Remember that you can use three or four antispyware programs without conflict. You will have serious conflict if you use more then one antivirus program.

Remember to defrag. Your pc.

Open MY PC, and open your “C”, drive, open properties and clean your temp. Files from your drive.

You can also use This is a free excellent program. Also safe to fix issue with registry as it will back up everything to your documents.

Stay out of porno sites, bittorrent, limewire, any P2P sharing files as you will get hit hard with trojans. Some game sites and other gaming sites for free or playing for money.

Key is to practice safe internet use.

I use the antivirus program below and never had one virus in ten year plus.

Read the webpage and if you like what you read this is the antivirus of choce I have used for over ten years and never one virus.

By culture the Chinese are very secret just about everything and that includes their software.

I have used for years an antivirus program out of Beijing, China that is also used by the Government of China.

This antivirus program does not have the Govt. Permission to be rated with all other know antivirus programs.

What I can assure you is that you pay only a one time fee for life that will include all auto updates, and all new versions for life. The Chinese don’t believe in having to pay an annual fee for updates or new versions.

I can tell you their technology is light years ahead of any other known antivirus software out there.

If you open a webpage and there is a hidden virus it will clean in realtime. Anything that you download and has even a trace code, it will kill the download and ask you to upload the trace code for investigation. In real time the upload will tell you if it is clean or not.

Will not allow you download, Real Player, because there is a hidden file that is a trojan keylogger. The file was uploaded and traced back to the United States Army, Intelligence Services out of London, England. (Removal of the file Real Player will reject the installation).

Read for yourself at their webpage. I have never had one virus in ten plus years. Plus it will catch any progam with it’s dynamic defense system, for software that you download and it does not have a publisher or lic., included.

Twister Trojan Antivirus V7

Very low on resources with scanner running in background.


Minddoctor, France
Please excuse my english.

Mark asks…

how do i sue a virus protection ad that gave me a virus?

i clicked on a site about a runescape walk through. then an ad asked me if my computer had viruses then bit defender said i’m getting a virus. if it wasn’t for bit defender my computer would have crashed.

softwareguru answers:

If you are having a virus or Malware problem, you should receive professional Malware removal support from a website like

If you are not sure if it’s a virus or not, they will use special softwares to check it for you.

I recommended it because they provide one of the fastest services on the internet.

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