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Posted by softwareguru on August 15, 2014

Sandy asks…

How do i get rid of the tab that comes down telling me to register Anti-Virus-1 whenever i go online?

i recently had the phony program called anti-virus-1 on my computer and now whenever i go on the internet, a tab comes down saying “Internet Explorer has found an unregistered version of Anti-virus-1. To protect your computer, please register your Anti-virus-1.” How do i get rid of this?

softwareguru answers:

I had the same tab and used a removal process to get rid of it

It was easy to get rid of it after reading that process.

Nancy asks…

Is there a computer virus where it deletes all the windows?

Because if I open a new window, it will exit off of it in almost 2 minutes. Could this be a virus?

softwareguru answers:

Yeah probably. But it’s not that it deleted the windows. The virus just ended the process that was recently executed on the memory. For example, if you started Windows Media Player, a process named ‘wmplayer’ is loaded into the memory. As soon as it is loaded, it was terminated. There are a lot of malwares who do these.

I don’t recommend you to get rid of your existing antivirus program, but get a free useful scaner tool like these:

Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool: [Database: October 21, 2008]

Or use Bitdefender Online Scanner [supports Internet Explorer only]

Good Luck !!!

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