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Posted by softwareguru on August 8, 2014

William asks…

What’s the chance of getting a virus on your computer?

I just ran out of Norton 360 on my computer so my computer isn’t protected and i don’t want it getting a virus, should i just not use the internet until my dad upgrades it later? Thanks

softwareguru answers:

Keeping your computer clean of viruses is more about knowledge then anything else. Knowing what to click on and not to click on is the real trick. I’ve been running a computer online for about 11 years and to date I’ve only had one virus. But, running a computer, online, these days without an anti virus program installed is pretty dangerous for the average user.

Now about anti virus software. You do not need to spend any money on this type of software these days. There are many free antivirus programs available these days. I use Microsoft Security Essentials, and it works very well for me. But allot of the major anti virus manufacturers have free versions available for personal use. Below is a list of the more popular ones. Go to there web sites and look for the free stuff.

All of the following are free, and work very well. My personal favorite is Avast, but I switched to Windows Security Essentials a few months back and I’m very pleased with it.

Note: It is best to run at least 2 anti spyware programs, but never run more then 1 anti virus to eliminate conflicts.

Virus Removal




Microsoft Security Essentials

Sypware/Malware Removal


Spybot S&D


Microsoft Security Essentials

Ken asks…

How to remove copyright violation alert virus off your computer?

Dont know how copyright violation alert installed itself in my system.
How did u remove this copyright violation alert virus? Control panel doesnt help.

softwareguru answers:

Copyright violation alert is a fake antivirus.
U have 2 use a “real” antivirus n remove it!
Unclean removal will make ur system crash.
My dad was annoyed by this crap also.
He finally removed it with spyware cease.
Its Online Scan is really powerful.
Reboot ur pc>press F8 into safe mode with network>run Online Scan of spyware cease (it updates every half hour)>remove it after the scan.

Furthermore, it can protect you from future infections.

This site offers step by step removal guide.

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