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Posted by softwareguru on September 7, 2014

Robert asks…

What do trojan viruses do?

Ive been asking here why my mac was going slow, and one of the guys were right, I had a virus on my mac.

I checked if the program was legit first of course.

Its called “ClamVax”

So far its done 2/10 of checking my computer and it has found 2 trojans.

What do they do?

Im scared, ive got alot of private pictures on my computer and very old pictures. The only thing ive noticed is that my internet on the mac is alot slower.
Can you give me a more detailed answer?

softwareguru answers:

Trojan viruses are nicknamed for the Trojan Horse from the ancient world. Essentially you downloaded something seemingly innocent by visiting a website or opening a file that was infected. You didn’t do it on purpose, it can be quite unnoticeable, but a file is now there and it opens a back door to let hackers into your computer. Update whatever security you have on your computer, then disconnect from the internet and run the scans, run them twice and if they are removed and fixed you should be fine. Get off the internet when you do it so they can’t gain access. If a hacker retains access he can block the removal of the virus, so get off now. You may need to get more or better protection for your computer, one that operates live while you are on the internet to protect you.

Nancy asks…

mac os x question, please answer?

why when i turn on my mac i have 5 or so programs opening? i can’t find any pictures on my i photo, and i keep getting these alerts telling me ” you have dangerous malaware on your computer” and a pc type scan just starts automatically. at that point i just turn off my computer all together.

is it a virus? are there any good free scans i can use for my mac?

softwareguru answers:

Yes you either have a virus or spyware.

Many people have fallen pray to the disillusion that Macs dont get viruses when in reality they do and always have.

You can get virus protection from Avast link below. It does cost.
There is a free checker from ClamXav you can try also.

As for spyware there are no free mac spyware removal programs that are legit. There is very little info on spyware out there for the mac. You may want to contact an Apple Genius on that one.

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