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Posted by softwareguru on September 6, 2014

Helen asks…

Does my Mac desktop have a virus?

I clicked on the weheartit website and it took me to this page and downloaded pictures of some random woman and her family? I think. Then the web page said I had a virus. And this page showed up.

and the link in my history is : it took me to the website above. What happened?

I’m not the only one who uses this computer so I don’t know if I have a virus. How do I know if I do? I have a Mac and I thought they didn’t get them?

softwareguru answers:

This Web page CONTAINS A VIRUS!!!
And if you open this Web page, this virus will automatically download the Mac Defender and install it. If you get virus warnings, you have already installed the virus. To uninstall it, follow these instructions:
But please don’t buy a license!
I hope, I warned you early enough!


Daniel asks…

Antivirus2009 on Mac?

i’ve heard that this is some kinda ongoing scam for windows users and that there are many ways of removing it, but i just got this popup for my Mac computer and im not sure if i even have it installed.

as mac users would know, mac comes with a download window that shows all current and past downloads from the internet.

it was downloading on my computer but i canceled it before it finished, does this mean i averted it, or has it secretly snuck into my system?

if it’s somehow on my system, how do i get it off?

softwareguru answers:

There are no released MacOs X viruses. You cannot get a virus, even a Windows one will not hurt your Mac. There are 3 or 4 Mac trojans, they do not replicate, you have to agree to download them, agree to install them, and put in your password twice. There is a fake Mac anti-virus, a fake Mac poker game, and a fake Mac porn viewer. The fake Mac anti-virus also masquerades as a fake popup ad blocker & a fake virus removal tool. As long as you didn’t install anything by putting in your admin password, you are fine. Just trash the partially downloaded software.

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