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Posted by softwareguru on September 4, 2014

Sharon asks…

Virus taking over macbook?

hey, im usually extremely careful what i download but somehow a nasty virus has taken over the thing.
the trackpad doesnt work, i cant click or tap anything and the cursor has a mind of its own, going crazy around the screen highlighting everything.
also, after ages i managed to get chrome open and get into hotmail, but after singing in the page crashed and said something indicating that something was trying to fool me or whatever

this came out of nowhere..although i did download a movie from utorrent a day ago :O.. the video had good comments, but i have for sure with regret learnt my lesson about that torrent crap now..

any help veryvery much appreciated. thankyou. also i know my grammar is appalling, im on a crappy phone.

softwareguru answers:

It is almost certainly not a virus, there are no Mac OSX viruses in the wild. There are some trojan horses that trick you into downloading and giving them permission to install.

“said something indicating that something was trying to fool me or whatever ” We really need more detail about this to help you.

Did you see any messages that included the word MacKeeper? That is a deceptive “antivirus” program for Mac that uses pop up windows to scare you into installing it and paying for it. Removal instructions:

Your trackpad problem may be a hardware problem with the trackpad. Can you borrow a wired mouse to run the machine? Does that make any difference?

Find your OSX install disk that came with the machine. Put it in, Restart the machine and hold the “C” key down throughout the startup to boot from the DVD. Does your trackpad work or is it still crazy? If it is still crazy then it is for sure a hardware breakdown.

If the trakpad is OK booted from the installer then it is a software problem. In the Installer screen, go to the top menu and choose Utilities, Disk Utility. Run a Repair Disk on your hard drive. Did it come up with any errors? If so keep running it until it has a clean pass.

Then, the easiest thing might be to do an Install of OSX (or Archive and Install for OSX10.4 and earlier — NOT an Erase and install) This will refresh your OSX software without deleting your files accounts or programs. This will take care of damaged OS software. It would not take care of a trojan horse in the slim chance you have one.

To reassure yourself there isn’t a virus, get ClamXAV from

Joseph asks…

Lime Wire Help? Virus Removal?

I purchased LimeWire PRO for $35 so I wouldn’t get any viruses.
When I download a song it says “LimeWire is not able to find a license for this file” “Do you want to download it anyway?” and something about respecting the laws?

I dont want to get a virus b/c my computer is new. What can i do so i can be able to download music and still not get viruses or go against the law.

Also what can I do to remove the viruses my computer already has and so I wont get any more?

Help Me Thank You! =]
What is a copyright law?

So does that mean i cant download music b/c every song i downlaod it says the same thing?

Are there any virus removal or anti virus programs that are free but accually work?

softwareguru answers:

There are three ways to significantly reduce your risk on getting a computer virus:

1) Stop being a thief. Buy your software, music, and video from reputable sources.
2) Keep your virus protection up to date.
3) Buy a Macintosh. There are 140,000+ viruses for Windows and a mere 10-15 for the Mac.

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