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Posted by softwareguru on August 22, 2014

Donald asks…

Virus removal for MacBook Pro?

I think my Mac has a virus because its been slower than normal lately. I bought Virus Barrier Plus off the App Store but it doesnt seem to do…anything. So, id appreciate a suggestion for a fix to this problem – please have some sense behind your answer i dont just want a link. Thank you all!!

softwareguru answers:

With the exception of font cache, speed is gained from cache, not lost. If OnyX can do anything to speed your system it will be by removing any files (cache or log files) that give you more available HDD space. The system needs 10% available space minimum to perform well.

How few viruses are there for OS X? Try zero. Definitions:
— virus: app that attaches itself to another app and can self-replicate.
— worm: app that is unattached, self-replicating, self-sending (via network or attached disk).
— Trojan horse: app that appears to be desirable, but is not.

Give us more details, such as slow when? At startup? At shutdown? Using Word or Pages? Using Safari online? All the time? (careful — if you are online all the time, well, how can you know if it isn’t simply the Internet connection?).

If it is only slow using Safari, try it on some other Internet connection, such as at a coffee shop or at work. If it is fine on other connections, test your connection speed at the link below. You need 500 or higher for HD streaming video. Don’t worry about clearing the cache which is a frequent suggestion. No browser can over-fill the cache to cause slow performance. If a cache file is corrupt, the browser will ignore it and load the page fresh.

If it is slow at all times, create a new admin user, log out, and log in as the new user. If that fixes it, there was something faulty in the old user’s Library. If it’s still slow, read on.

Open Disk Utility. Select the internal hard drive at left. Select the “First Aid” tab. Click the button to verify the drive (NOT verify the permissions). If it find problems, THERE YOU ARE! Fix those problems and you likely fix the slowness. To fix, you have to boot to the OS X install DVD (disc 1), go past the language, open Disk Utility from the Utilities menu, and repair instead of verify. If there were no problems found, read on.

While booted to the DVD, go past the language selection, past all the Agree screens, and click the “Options” button. Select “Archive and install”. Put a check for “Preserve Users and network settings”. Go ahead with the restore. After it’s done and restarts, you will have to reinstall things that are not part of the OS X installation, such as Microsoft Office, Photoshop, or iLife. After that, use Software Update under the Apple logo menu to find updates, install them all, restart, and use Software Update again… And again…. Until it reports “Your software is up to date.”

William asks…

April Fools Day virus q?

I read that in order to prevent from getting the virus that you cant visit sites such as facebook, myspace, chat rooms, send files, etc.. my q is is gmail chat safe to use and not get the virus? you know the gmail chat where you can chat with ur contact right from your inbox. Thanx in advance 🙂

softwareguru answers:

I have read hundreds of articles which said a good antivirus and updated Windows is enough. [Mac and Linux are safe, only attacking Windows].

Now, I have also read that it is not ACTIVELY spreading. It is still spreading however.

Secondly, send files is always something to prevent virus. Other than that, out of your list, forget it.

And so Gmail Chat should be safe.

Also, in case you get it on your comp, download removal tools from here{safe, i and others checked it out}:–protect-yourself-now

near the bottom are the links for removal.

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