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Posted by softwareguru on August 13, 2014

Donna asks…

PLZ ….PLZ….. HELP VIRUS PROB.!!!!!!!!!!!?

Hi, I HAD lot of viruses/trojans in my computer ,many yahoo answerers recommended downloading malewarebytes and cloud panda. I downloaded them on my pc without Safe mode and they deleted all the infections.
my question is that: in general (and taking in consideration my case as well) do anti-viruses geuinely work if they are used and installed in normal mode on infected pc’s? plz answer

also since my pc’s kinda (i said kinda) old…… i thought of getting a mac or should i get windows 7? which one is better? thnx in advance!!! !!!

softwareguru answers:

Well the first answer is yes anti viruses do work in the normal mode but depending with the virus “Style” of removal some do need the safe mode approach.

About buying a mac or windows 7 that usually depends on your personal preference ,$$$, and using experience with the products.

Laura asks…

flashback trojan mac?

i scanned with ClamXav and i found out i got that trojan.
how can i eliminate it?
i already update but it says my software is already updated,it doesn’t find apple the Java for OS X Lion 2012-003 update.
i already downloaded the update for OS X Lion from the apple site,but the trojan is still there,the clamxav still detects it

softwareguru answers:

If your Mac has OS X Lion (10.7.x), you can use the Flashback removal tool that Apple released just today for separate download:

For OS X versions before 10.7, use one of the removal tools released for free by malware scanner companies, e.g.:

• (choose the ‘Flashfake Removal Tool’)

PS: Especially on older OS X versions it might be advisable to keep the Java web plug-in in the web browser disabled:

• In Safari: choose Safari > Preferences > Security (un-tick ‘Enable Java’)

• In Firefox: choose Tools > Add-Ons, click ‘Plugins’ and click ‘Disable’ at the ‘Java Applet Plug-in’

• In Chrome: type the address ‘about:plugins’, then look for the entry ‘Java Version (…)’ and click ‘disable’.

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