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Posted by softwareguru on August 6, 2014

Sandra asks…

Free virus removal for Mac?

I have a PowerBook G4 and it got viruses. Please give me a link to where a free virus removal for my computer works.

softwareguru answers:


Linda asks…

Best tools for Virus removal?

Alright so i am 18yr old college freshmen in computer networking and over the years i been helping with their computer issues(for free). I’ve been successful in some areas and sometimes i would indeed fail. My typical methods have been first go in control panel and uninstall suspicious programs, then i would use malware bytes and let it do its thing. But lately i been having a lot of dreams of starting a business, so it just hit me! I should start an virus removal business. But i was wondering what are some of the best tools for virus removal(malware,spyware,trojans,etc?) If im charging i would not want to fail lol. Anyone have any good tools they recommend and possibly a very technical site i could view to brush up on methods of removing these things?

softwareguru answers:

The only way you could succeed in the business is if you also learned every aspect of IT security which includes preventive measures, how to make necessary registry edits, how to identify exactly what to throw at any particular malware/virus, etc. I currently charge $90 for virus removal, as close to 80% of the computers that come in have virus’s/malware. But I actually build a customer base by installing the latest and greatest freeware security suite and putting these files in one folder on their desktop with all their shortcuts and descriptions/ directions, and options they have using the tools to PREVENT future issues. You would think that practice is ruling out I’ll ever see that customer again, and I’ll admit, they rarely come back as they have no need to, but they also “spread the word” to friends and family of how I went above and beyond just cleaning. There is NO BETTER ADVERTISING. Your going to have that 20% come in with issues that have NOTHING to do with virus’s though- hardware, software conflicts, drivers, replace laptop keys/screens, upgrades, Mac’s, etc. And IF you tell them you only take out virus’s, that is the WORST possible scenario as they will tell friends and family- that ends up turning potential customers away. The ONLY way the business will survive is if you learn every aspect of computer repair, and update yourself to the latest developments in software (especially security), operating systems (Linux, Windows, Mac), and hardware. The best tools I use are F4UBCD-4.61 for those systems that won’t boot into Windows, this provides me with a Linux operating system but also gives me a “diluted” win xp environment to work with. There’s is a HUGE learning curve to using these “Live CD’s”. Beyond that “huge assortment” of tools, I honestly think you should research other tools you need and would be beneficial in testing, diagnosing, and repairing- this is how you LEARN this stuff, not by having people spoon feed you suggestions and opinions. The best possible teacher you can have on this subject is yourself. Learn EVERY aspect of the tools on that CD, I consider this a good start to learning. After you wrap your head around that, move on to another aspect of computer repair. Learn computer security next, BOTH preventive and recovery. There are HUNDREDS of sites dealing with computer security issues that you can learn from, and any number of free programs your going to need to address specific issues. Your research will have you know what to throw at it.

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