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Posted by softwareguru on August 2, 2014

Sandy asks…

Does a home based business need business licenses?

I live in Missouri and am thinking about starting a home based pc repair and upgrade business. Including spyware and virus removal and such. What does one need as far as making it a legit operation with the city. federal, and or state licenses.

softwareguru answers:

All businesses in the united states require a business license. Doing business without a license is a crime.

Your local chamber of commerce should have a kit for you (packet of forms).

Sharon asks…

How do i remove the virus Security Tool.?

i have received the virus security tool on my computer.i have tried to download virus removal software but can not. how do i get rid of this. i have windows xp.

softwareguru answers:

Remove it with this free removal tool for this malware

Or look at this tutorial

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