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Posted by softwareguru on July 23, 2014

Linda asks…

How do I find out what viruses my computer has?

I found a website that has free virus removers but don’t know which ones to get. Can somebody please tell me what kind of program or application I can use to download the right ones? I’m pretty sure I have 4 viruses but don’t know what kinds
Here’s the site:

softwareguru answers:

Try this tutorial:

After you do that, install “Microsoft Security Essentials”. Follow the tutorial first because Microsoft Security Essential doesn’t pick up or can not remove every single virus.

Chris asks…

How to get rid of this search engine virus?

Everytime i look up something it leads to another link ..i’ve tried about 3 different virus removals . malware,cc cleaner,and superspyware

softwareguru answers:

Well you could use system restore

-some virus will try to exit these programs so
you gotta put them in safe mode – turn on the computer and press f-10
or f-8 it depends on what computer your using
when you go to the option screen
go to safe mode.
When your on safe mode
go to start – and type in system restore
click on it and go to a point where it didnt had a virus

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