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Posted by softwareguru on September 9, 2014

Linda asks…

What are good online free anti virus removals?

softwareguru answers:

You can get a whole list of free online virus removals on this site.


Here are the names of the virus removals you will find there.

1) Trend Micro

2) Bitdefender

3) F-secure


5) Panda Activscan

6) CA Online virus scanner

7) Nanoscan

8) iolo

9) Authentium

10) A-squared

11) ewido

12) One care

I’ve used all of them one time or another and they all have some advantages and disadvantages.

Chris asks…

virus removal programs?

are there any other free virus removal programs besides adaware and spyware that work well. i use adaware every day and my computer still seems a little slow, and its a sony and its only 1 year!

softwareguru answers:

For Near, or Totally Complete Removal of Any Trojan, Worm or anything Follow and/or download the programs below:

The following tools/steps will help you ensure your safety! In addition, you are in control of what you download and only you can prevent yourself from getting a virus. The following tools will help you protect against it and delete a virus, but remember the fait of your computer is in YOUR Hands.



AVG Anti-Virus
AVG Anti-Spyware
AVG-Anti Rootkit

Anti Spyware/Rootkit:
Spybot Search and Destroy…
A-Squared Anti-Spyware Free
Ad-Aware Personal SE

Comodo Personal Firewall

Step-By-Step Method to Ensuring YOUR Security

1) Uninstall ALL Anti-Virus and Firewalls that you may already have. As these, will cause conflicts with the ones you will be suggested to download.

2) Download ALL of the programs above.

3) After download all the programs re-start your computer twice, ensuring that all/most of the programs start on start-up. Ad-Aware, Spybot and Anti Rootkit and A-Squared shouldn’t. Make sure the firewall and AntiVirus do though.

4) Update all of the programs. You should do daily updates, and weekly scans. This will most definitly ensure your protection and your system status!

5) Re-Boot into Safe mode. To log into safe mode, “Button-Mash” (simoltaneously hit the key) F8. Then if it gives you a menu, hit “Safe-Mode”.

6) After giving it a minute or two to start-up, open up all of the AVG programs. Run them, give them an hour or two as this is their first scan.

7) Save your report if it gives you the option to, and if it does happen to detect a virus, then simply remove it.

8) Open up, A-Squared Free Edition, Ad-Aware, Spybot, SpySweep but, NOT WINDOWS DEFENDER! Run all of these programs and use them to scan. Again, if they detect anything then delete it. If you detected something previously in the AVG Scans then Congratulations! AVG was a great choice for you.

9) Open Windows Defender. Windows Defender is average, and takes a while to scan. Let that scan, and it shouldn’t find anything at this point.

10) Congratulations! You have succesfully completed this Anti-Infection Proccess and you are guarenteed safety!

Need a Clean-up?

A simple program that removes unused and temporary files from Windows machines.

O&O Defrag…
O&O Defrag Professional is the most professional and user-friendly features ever found in defragmentation software.

Step-By-Step method on cleaning up your Comp (Basic Version only):

1) Run & Install all the programs above

2) Restart Computer to ensure installation

3) Run Safe Mode (Explained in Virus Clean-Up above)

4) Run all the programs, but NOT O&O Defrag YET!

5) CCleaner will find some stuff and hit fix this and it will clean basic things.

6) Now, for this, make sure, that you DO NOT have any programs running. Exit out of any programs running!!

7) Run O&O Defrag. You’ll see on the top top toolbar “Defragmentation” Click that, and then hit “Complete/Name” This is the most complex organazation tool and will take a long, long time! I’d reccomend doing this overnight while your sleeping!

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