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Posted by softwareguru on September 4, 2014

Laura asks…

please help me find a (free) virus removal program?

i’m sick of looking for virus removal programs that say free but they really want to to register by paying $20-30 befor they will even remove your viruses i don’t have a credit card or alot of money and the viruses on my comp are getting worse can someone piz tell me of a program that will really remove my viruses for free like it says it will

softwareguru answers:

Install portable version of ClamWin anti-virus in a USB pen drive and scan your PC with it.
Use another clean PC to download Clamwin portable anti-virus and install it on a USB pen drive.
Download here
Document on how to configure ClamWin

1) Start Clamwin anti-virus and update the latest anti-virus definition files.
2)Select the tools menu bar, set the preferences to remove virus.
3)Start the infected PC in safe mode by pressing F8 during start up.
4) Run the Clamwin Anti-virus that is installed on the USB pen drive to scan the
infected PC.
5)After removing the virus, install crap cleaner (ccleaner) to get rid of the
viruses left over setting in the windows registry.

Mandy asks…

free virus scan and removal?

i need help removing virus for free

softwareguru answers:

Use Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. Follow the instructions here:

Or you can post on the forums for 1 to 1 help:

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