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Posted by softwareguru on September 3, 2014

David asks…

I need a free virus removal program?

My computer is has many viruses and i just need a program that will remove it for free without buying the full program. Ive tried to find a program but they always make me buy the full version just to remove. If you know of a virus removal that is free please tell me! thanks

softwareguru answers:

Here’s trusted, free anti-virus programs (only use 1 at a time):
♠ avast! Free Antivirus
♠ Avira AntiVir
♠ Panda Cloud AntiVirus
♠ Microsoft Security Essentials
♠ AVG AntiVirus
Any of these will serve you well. You may have to register, but that’s no big deal.
Make sure the settings update daily automatically

Mark asks…

Free SAFE Virus Scanner and Removal?

I’m looking for a good free virus scanner, and maybe even a AntiVirus software and Virus Remover. If you guys know of any REAL GOOD WORKING ones then please answer. This would really lep because as of right know my computer is being eaten by viruses and I’m helpless. THANKS(:

softwareguru answers:

For your Anti-Virus……I would suggest Avast 4.8, Avast now includes anti-virus, some anti-spyware capability and anti-rootkit components. And all for the low low price of free. You can get it here:

(Always use only 1 A-V…You must NEVER use more than one anti-virus, Even an expired anti-virus can cause a major conflict… Did I mention that you MUST uninstall any and all, old anti-virus products?)

Avoid the anti-virus called AVG (free version). It is wildly popular with children and the computer illiterate but has historically had the lowest virus detection rate of all the popular free anti-virus programs.

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