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Posted by softwareguru on August 25, 2014

Ken asks…

FREE Spyware and Virus Removal?

My PC has spyware and viruses and I NEED to get them off! I’ve had this happen a few months ago and paid $50 for a program that didn’t even work. A pop up is saying I have 59 spyware items found. And there’s a pop up that I can’t exit out of advertisong gay porn calling. Also, every now and then a lady says something that I can’t make out. Anyway, how do I cure this. I don’t want a SCAN, I want a REMOVER! PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

softwareguru answers:

I’m a PC Tech so I’m always hearing about problems like this. The worst thing is that there isn’t one super program that will resolve all your problems but I can suggest a number of programs that, when used together, will clean up your system.

First, as another answerer suggested, use Malwarebytes. This is a free to use (on non-corporate computers) and is a great program. It takes care of just about every spyware program that has been created, works quickly and is very reliable.

Second I would recommend AVG antivirus. You may need to Google “AVG Antivirus Free Download” to find the free download. This will take care of the more powerful viruses on your computer and help to keep your system running a little more smoothly. Of course you’ll have more features and function from buying the software but this should suffice in a pinch for the time being.

Finally, the last piece of software I would recommend is called CCleaner. This is a registry/directory cleaner and will help in straightening out some changes that may have been made by viruses on your computer. At the very worst this program will clean up your registry and temporary files so your computer runs more smoothly.

Try these three programs and let us know if this resolves the problems you’re having. Also, just so you know, the pop-up that says your computer has so many spyware programs on it actually is a virus! They want you to give up your credit card information so they can access your account. Malwarebytes should be able to take care of that one for you.


David asks…

virus protector removal?

softwareguru answers:

VMSAR Virus Protector Removal Guide
Free and Open Source Guide

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