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Posted by softwareguru on July 30, 2014

Maria asks…

is symantec virus removal COMPLETELY free?

softwareguru answers:

Yes but bear in mind it is not a replacement for an anti virus system

and it will only find specific viruses.

Do this on-line scan first :
only if you might be worried that you could be infected now.

Then go and get avast for full time protection,
you can not get a better anti virus system for free.
It has many features you will have to pay for in other systems.


don’t forget to register or you will only have it for 60 days
by registering you will get a licence for a full year.
Just re-register at the end of the year to get another one year licence.

If you feel you would be even safer with a software firewall
try this one it’s also free and it has no conflicts with avast

if you dont like the look of avast then try Avira

Mary asks…

Virus Removal?

Anyone got free virus removal that works? i really need to clean out my system because my itunes wont even open anymore

softwareguru answers:

Update your anti-virus, remember to only have one anti-virus installed on your PC [If you do not have one]

Update your anti-spyware software.
Http:// [if you do not have one]
and [free home edition]

Restart your PC in safe mode, and run a full scan with both.

While in safe mode, you may also want to have a look at your start up items by using msconfig.

Be careful with the items you uncheck, you can have a look here to see if they are necessary

You should also have a look at your IE Add-ons while in safe mode.
Disable any you do not use.

After you reboot back to normal mode, download and install ccleaner to fix any registry problems and clean up old temp files.

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