Your Questions About Virus Removal

Posted by softwareguru on September 11, 2014

Susan asks…

virus trigger removal?

I want a free program that can remove virus trigger, I have spybot search and destroy, but it doesn’t detect or remove such of trojan.

I spend money on a spyware program before, which was supposed to be one time charge, and you have the full program, but the company change owners so I got stuck with the regular program, and if I want full again I gotta pay for.

So I don’t want to spend my money just because one thing that I can’t get removed, I’m sure that there is some free programs out there that could fix this.

I would search myself, but after I got this all the sites I search for seems suspicious, and I really don’t want things to get worst.

Trials are fine as long as they have removal options. I download one program that dectected the files, but wanna me to pay for in order to eliminate them.

softwareguru answers:

Run (free):

Virus Trigger is a new rogue security product and a near clone of VirusResponse Lab 2009.

William asks…

virus removal?

My key board was not accepting typing though light remained on, most probably after isertion of a virus affected floppy.. Vender changed mother board but floppy drive did not work.He copied files from floppies to a CD and I find Trozan, My Love virus after cliking files from CD

softwareguru answers:

If a virus prog don’t remove it try a system restore asap

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