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Posted by softwareguru on September 11, 2014

George asks…

Sasser Virus Removal?

My other computer has the Sasser virus or lsass.exe. My computer constantly gets system shutdown messages and the virus also won’t let me connect to the internet or run any antivirus software, EVEN IN SAFE MODE!!!

Can anybody help me get rid of this thing, steps tht actually don’t involve me getting on the internet, considering I can’t on my other computer. I do have a USB drive.

Other Info: This virus won’t let me remove it from the task manager, it also hid itself in my files so I can’t find it on my C: drive. I honestly have no idea what to do. I have searched every method on every other forum and message board and so far nothing is working. Please help!

softwareguru answers:

Download UBC4WIN. (Some Anti-Virus programs might detect it as a virus).

Save it to a blank CD. Here are instructions on how to.

Restart the computer, put the UBCD4WIN in your cd rom drive, and boot from CD rom.

There should be two programs already installed. One is Avira AntiVir, the other is Malwarebytes. Full full system scans with both. Make sure your scanning the infected drive. (DON’T FORGET TO GET THE LATEST UPDATES)

Steven asks…

Is there any free or inexpensive virus removal?

Okay, well I was trying to download photoshop from limewire and it gave me a virus called Spyware Guard 2008. It disguised itself as a spyware blocker, everytime I close it, it comes back after about 30 seconds. Mcafee that I JUST BOUGHT didn’t get rid of it.

The thing is I just got a virus moved about a month ago for $90 with Mcafee and bought the premium virus and spyware prevention for $45. So I don’t want to spend much money. Is there a free virus removal that works? Or maybe an inexpensive one? Mcafee charges $90.


softwareguru answers:

How to remove malware from your pc. All of these programs are free to use.



Recommended Download (Firefox Browser)

These tools have to be installed in regular mode. Download either Superantispyware or Malwarebytes. In my opinion these go hand and hand with each other because what one misses the other picks up. If you are using Internet Explorer I recommend using Mozilla Firefox because there is a less chance of malware targeting this browser, although it is still possible. If you have problems downloading or installing the malware removal tools please send an email to me and I will give you a step by step advice to fix this. Malware tends to block the download and installation of anti-virus and anti-spyware programs and websites. I recommend scanning in safe mode because a lot of times safe mode disables malware but this is not totally accurate. You can access safe mode by tapping F8 when your computer restarts, make sure to go into safe mode with networking to update the malware removal tools. I also recommend turning off system restore because users can restore their PC back to an infected state. You can do this by right clicking my computer, select properties, select system restore, and select turn off system restore.
Update and do a quick scan with Malwarebytes and a full scan with Superantispyare to get rid of any malware that is installed on your PC. I recommend doing a scan with only one of these tools at a time because there may be complications. Once the removal process is finished restart your computer and turn system restore back on. Run Ccleaner and delete temporary files and invalid registry entries. If you have any questions email me at

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