Your Questions About Virus Protection For Mac

Posted by softwareguru on September 2, 2014

Laura asks…

can i hook a computer up to my network without allowing internet access?

i have a wireless network and all with internet running through it for all my other laptops and such..but i got a comp for my brother but i want it hooked up to the network for gaming but i dont want him to have internet access becuase there is no virus protection.

is there a way i can like block the internet completel on that ONE computer

softwareguru answers:

Yup. Login to your wireless router and look for the security page. You can block all or some computers from here as long as you have his MAC address. To get his MAC address, go to Start > Run, type cmd, hit enter, type ipconfig /all, hit enter. His MAC address will be listed here but it will be called the Physical Address.

Paul asks…

do you need virus protection software for apple macs?

i just bought a new mac book and i was winding if you need virus protection for it?

softwareguru answers:

You’ll hear some Mac-Heads say no, but it’s never a wise idea to connect anything to a network without AV protection. While the Mac platform is a much smaller target than the Windows platform, there ARE Mac-specific viruses in the wild. While the odds of being infected are much lower than with a Windows box if you’re infected your odds just jumped to 100%.

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