Your Questions About Virus Protection For Mac

Posted by softwareguru on August 31, 2014

Donna asks…

Which computar should I purchase MacBook Pro or Dell?

I am thinking that I want to buy a MacBook Pro becuz its stylish & something new. My fam always buy Dell. I want a laptop & dells come in alllll the cute colors. Lol im not to sure if Windows come on Mac plus with Dell there is so many virus protection. *siiiiiiiiiigh* decisions, decisionsss Please help! What do you think is better?

softwareguru answers:

If it is a family laptop but you still like a Mac, you can buy a Mac with 2 operating system installed. All OS is prone to virus attacks, just make sure that you have proper antivirus protection and updates. However, for style over substance, you can get Mac.

Linda asks…

Where’s the best place to learn how to use a Mac?

As a long time PC user I’m having a tough time transitioning to my new Mac. For example: I really miss the ability to right-click for easy functions like copy or properties, and the one click tab access on Explorer. I can’t even figure out where or if there is virus protection installed. Basic stuff like that. I need a tutorial or something but can’t find anything like that under Help on my menu bar. Any suggestions?
Plus if anyone can tell me how to Update the software automatically or manually I’d appreciate it.

softwareguru answers:

Well you can go to the apple store or i can answer many of your questions like
to right click just hold ctrl and click
virus protection is not necessary on macs. The operating system is secure enough as is. Few people have had macs that got infected. I would be more than happy to answer any mac or pc questions just email me

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