Your Questions About Virus Protection For Mac

Posted by softwareguru on August 30, 2014

John asks…

if i get a macbook pro whats the best virus protection for a macbook pro?

whats the best virus protection for macbook pro i was told if i put kaspersky it would be hard for it to catch virusis is this true. if not whats the best virus protection i should download to prevent it. i also download movies music so and getting ready for college i dont want to mess it up plz tell me what i can download

softwareguru answers:

I’m not sure if AVG is compatible with Mac-based products or not but if the program is I would recommend it. I have always had a pleasant experience with AVG Internet Security.

David asks…

Is there a way to avoid getting a virus from toontown?

Toontown is very fun but seemed to get alot of viruses so I got a mac because they get less viruses still there is a chance they will get 1 and I want to be sure. so does anyone know of a way to not get viruses through toontown such as good virus protection for a mac. anything will help

softwareguru answers:

Oh i love toontown i havent played withit in a loooong time… Never had a problem with viruses from that game.

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