Your Questions About Virus Protection For Mac

Posted by softwareguru on August 12, 2014

Paul asks…

What would be a good Laptop computer to get for school ?

I Need a 4GB also something that will hold a lot of pictures, notes, Reports and with internet,email something that I can also watch DVDs and play games on.Plus a good virus protection program.

softwareguru answers:

A mac pro

Lisa asks…

What virus protection software should I get for my macbook pro?

I recently purchased a macbook pro and although I’ve been told getting viruses on a mac is unlikely, I plan on getting some sort of protection software. Are there any free programs online that other mac users recommend? If not, I plan to go with Norton which I have installed on my pc desktop, however I don’t have the installation disk because I did it online. Is there a way for me to install it onto my macbook without having to buy the software again?

softwareguru answers:

To tell the truth I would not buy an antiviral software, my sister has a macbook pro and so far she does not have any problem, I would say 90% or so of the viruses out there are for microsoft OS making it only 10% for macs and linux OS, just be safe on the internet, have you firewall up and you should be fine

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