Your Questions About Virus Protection For Mac

Posted by softwareguru on August 8, 2014

Mandy asks…

Best spyware/internet security/virus protection for Mac?

I have a new Mac and I’m wondering which brand of spyware/internet security/virus protection would work on my Mac. I’ve read conflicted opinions on not needing it and such. I would rather have some type of software protecting my information on the Mac as I use wireless half of the time. Yes, I know that if I don’t download or go on shady websites, I should be good but my classes require me to download files for homework and research.

softwareguru answers:

Sophos mac or these two are pretty good and free hope this helps.

Donna asks…

What is the best Mac for the home?

We are looking to invest in a Mac but are not sure which one to buy as we are new to apple computers.
We are looking for a computer that is reliable when it comes to gaming, fast internet browsing, and virus protection. But in the end we are focused mainly on speed of the computer.

And if you wouldn’t mind keep the price under $1750 USD.
Also, would it be smart to use Windows 7 or such or stick with Apple operating system?

softwareguru answers:

Check out the iMacs at There are two sizes and several different prices. The entry level 21″ is under $1200. It is fast, it has great graphics, will play games well (and if you install Windows on a partition, it will play Windows versions of games). Since there are no MacOS X viruses, you can’t get one. If you put Windows on it, that partition could get viruses. The iMac includes a wireless mouse & keyboard & almost all the software you need.

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