Your Questions About Virus Protection For Mac

Posted by softwareguru on August 3, 2014

James asks…

How do I erase old downloaded software from my computer permnently?

I was trying to download some anti virus protection for my computer an I now that I have the one I wanted I cant delete the old one I had. I erased it form my documents but its still on my toolbar and wont go away. Any help?

softwareguru answers:

If your a windows user GO TO:

1-control panel

then Go to programs and features

then select the software that you don’t want then click Uninstall

If your a mac user Go to:

Application (Command + UP)

then select the program that you don’t want and drag it to trash

that will help….

David asks…

Best virus protection for windows please?

What’s the best virus protection that you can recommend for windows and/or mac. Please tell me the price also. I like to download a LOT of videos, and recently I came across a NASTY virus, so I want the best virus protection. I’m spending over $100 to get my laptop cleaned of the viruses by the geek squad, so I want to prevent this from happening again.

softwareguru answers:

Microsoft Security Essentials.

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