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Posted by softwareguru on August 27, 2014

Paul asks…

virus protection?

i am still a little new with being the administrator of my computer adn im trying to figgure out the best way to get FREE virus protection.. i tryed going to a bunch of sights… they all want money.. please help my computer may be in danger.

softwareguru answers:

Dale. I am sure everyone is going to disagree with me. I honestly don’t care, either, because I know what I am talking about, and that’s all matters to me.

You might get answers that locate you to FREE ANTI VIRUS PROTECTIONS. I can give you links to ton of free ANTI virus protection, too, but I decided to be honest with you and to ensure you of best safety.

Have you ever wondered why FREE anti virus are said to be as good as those sold in stores? Let’s take a good look at what you and I are debating here. Imagine FREE anti virus protections are as good as those that are sold in stores. If this was true, Anti Virus makers who sell their products would go bankruptcy because consumers would avoid paying for their products since they could get the same products for FREE online.

This is very important for you to understand ( Nothing Free Is Good). That’s why they’re free. I’m sure you will not get a FREE Play station 3 off the Internet without having to participate in some costly activities.

Anyway, I wanted to test the Free Anti Virus products, such as AVG, Spybots, etc, and here is my experience.

After I have installed the Free Anti Virus, I noticed my credit card was charged without my consent. Someone used my credit card to purchase a notebook. Heck, how did this person get my credit card information, especially since I was using a Free Anti virus protection? I even scanned my computer, and my free Anti Virus protection did not detect any threat. So how did the theft get my credit card information? Anyway, I changed my credit card information and solved certain issues.

I had a conversation with a computer geek in my home-Town and told him about the incident of my credit card being stolen. This was what he said to me.

” If you are using a FREE Anti Virus protection, then that could be the reason your credit card was revealed to the hacker ( Theft) because FREE Anti Virus are unable to detect certain threat. That’s why they’re free. I strongly recommend you to purchase McAfee and scan your computer for viruses.”

Anyway, I took his advice and purchased McAfee for $79, then I scanned my computer. Guess what? McAfee detected 200 viruses, while my Free Anti Virus protection did not detect any. Now, I have learned my lesson and I will never again foolishly think FREE stuffs are good. Hence the fact they’re free; they’re not worthy enough to be sold.

Many people will disagree with me on this topic. I don’t care. I’m an experienced user and that said it all.

If you choose to believe me, get yourself a purchased Anti Virus protection suit. I recommend McAfee.

You have a blessed day.

Donald asks…

Virus Protection?

Pretty much, I need free virus protection from a good company. Best answer goes to the person who can give me a website and an easy way to get around that website. Thanks!
Oh and by the way, if no one can do what I asked, could you please vote “No Best Answer”? Thanks

softwareguru answers:

Spyware not viruses are the major plague

For antivirus avg is good

You can download the free version here or you can upgrade to the premium version:

download link:

the avg free edition will update it automatically

You can have only one antivirus but several antispyware programs
Spyware can reduce your internet speed to 10 % and give you tons of ads
Run a number of antispyware programs routinely. Do the updates. Remove all they find.

Two good programs that are fairly standard are:


Spybot search and destroy

Stay away from Norton Antivirus at any a cost
It will slow you a crawl and is the target of computer virus writers due to its dominant share in the antivirus market especially among computer nubes
The main purpose of Norton Antivirus is to remove cash from the wallet of computer neophytes and reassure them all is well

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