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Posted by softwareguru on August 19, 2014

Sandra asks…

Virus Protection?

Does anyone know if there is any kind of free virus protection? And if there isn’t, would you recommend Norton or Adaware?

softwareguru answers:

These are the three main freebies. AVG is the most well known but you need to have a look at what each does and doesn’t provide. Avast is the most complete and will provide good real-time protection against most malicious software, not just viruses.

Avast free anti-virus:
AVG free anti-virus:
Avira free anti-virus:

If you want to pay, Norton is very good but NOD32 and Kaspersky are better. Ad-Aware is well past its best. The best free anti-spyware program is probably SuperAntiSpyware. Use that with Avast AV and you’ll be fairly safe.

Anti-virus tests (click on the ‘Comparatives’ link):

SuperAntiSpyware free:

Thomas asks…

im new online! …virus protection?

I just connected to the net just now, hello eveyone, i need to know how likly it is that some virus can come and make problems… is there any free virus protection out there?

softwareguru answers:

Hello And How Are You? Yes there are free virus protections out on the web A good Place to look is. Http:// they have all sorts of related searches. And if your unable to find what your looking for try out the rest of these. Http:// they have alot of qood answers to alot of our questions that we ask and then you can look into other place like. Http:// Check out they to may have free virus protection. Oh and by all means visit I even check their site out as well because they have updated their site from the last time I visited. I hope that this answers alot of your questions this is what I like to do is help others and then some one allways helps me with what I need in return so I am returning the favor.

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