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Posted by softwareguru on August 11, 2014

Robert asks…

FREE virus protection..?

Does anybody know where I can get free virus protection that is NOT just a trial? I’m on a very severe budget at the moment and can’t afford the exceptional prices for the software in stores..thought maybe someone may know where I can download some online.

softwareguru answers:

PCTools products do get good reviews. The good thing is they have free versions of their products. They work great. Spyware Doctor from the Google pack is a must. I highly recommend it. I bought Webroots Spysweeper and spyware doctor finds stuff spysweeper does not. Having both is a perfect combo and I recommend running two anti-spyware products.

PCTools Anti-Virus

PCTools Threatfire – Malware Protection
This free tool makes your current anti-virus better. Definite Download

PCTools Firewall Plus

The Google Pack includes a free starter edition of Spyware Doctor.



You can do an online scan for viruses and spyware for free from the major vendors. Some of these require Internet Explorer to run

because of Active-X

Computer Associates
Panda Software
Symantec Security Check
Mcafee Free Scan
Kaspersky Scanner
Microsoft Protection Scanner


Its good to run two anti-spywares even if some extra resources are taken.

SuperAntiSpyware does an excellent job. AVG’s full version gets great reviews.


Microsoft Defender


Spyware Terminator 2

Spybot Search and Destroy



Anti-Spyware for a cost.
Personally I bought Webroot’s Spysweeper, their product is great and well worth the money. Watch Best Buy ads because sometimes it goes on sale for $10 to $15.

Webroot Spysweeper
PCTools Spyware Doctor


There are free anti-virus scanners availble. They work well. I like AVG and PCTools anti-viruses the best of the free anti-virus programs.
If you are not willing to spend money it is good to have some kind of anti-virus software



Avira AntiVir


For a Cost
This is my recommendation for anti-virus. Free are good, but they are not as accurate as the top paid anti-virus software



Jenny asks…

Best virus protection?

What is a good free virus protection software?

softwareguru answers:

Hi James S ;

Personally i think there are alot of free anti virus programmes better than ones you pay for

Firstly i’ll start off with the ones people pay for.
Norton 360.Don’t believe me check the website!They have won that award aslong as best all in one protection.Not only have they won them awards but they have one loads more check at their website

If your not willing to pay
Avg is the best free anti virus programme it has a 89% of finding your virus’s which is greater than any other free anti virus programme
Alot of people don’t like AVG for several reasons so your not the only one.
There are only two other trusted safe Free anti virus programme one of them is known as Avast.
Avast is like AVG.Its not as popular but still does the job it will always find virus’s.Allot of IT Technicians/experts recommend Avast to people that didn’t like AVG
Give it a try,why not its free?
There is the official download page you can download other Avast products aswell for free.

The last one i like to say hasn’t had its time to shine but i’ve tried it and i would recommend it.Its Avira.I
Avira is in cNet’s top 5 free anti virus programmes along with Avast and AVG.
There is a video on the cNet page which is a trailer.Avira did the job for me fantastic i can find anything even wild tigers hiding in the c drive where virus’s are usually placed.Try this before AVG or Avast.If you don’t like it try Avast but i guarantee you’ll like it.

If you are looking to try a good reputable name who usually cost for their products there is a free trial of norton anti virus 2009 once your trial has ended cNET will ask if you either buy it or remove it.
Norton have some fantastic products including the best anti virus programme (Norton 360) And its official won that award its beaten every other anti virus programme in style.

Hope my information helped-best of luck-

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