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Posted by softwareguru on August 7, 2014

George asks…

Computer question about Virus Protection/WEP Key?

I once accidently shut off my WEP key on my Windows XP computer and I have been getting tons of viruses.
How do I put my WEP Key back on?

softwareguru answers:

Virus protection and WEP keys are two different things.

Virus protection is for catching & removing virus’s, malware.

WEP key’s are used to protect your wireless network from being accessed.

Try thing:

David asks…

What is a good anti-virus protection?

Hi Im going to get a laptop. What is a good anti-virus protection? Norton slows stuff down so not that. And can you tell me when to update it or check it. It must be reasonable for the price. And what type of laptop should I get like a dell,Compaq… and should i get a core, inspron…

softwareguru answers:

Look, first thing is first, you want to get a paid anti virus. Microsoft security essentials is from microsoft, and lets face it, if microsoft new anything about security we wouldn’t need anti virus. Avast and avg are ok, but they don’t protect against everything, and alot of people i know have had problems or gotten viruses from free anti viruses. I recommend kaspersky internet security 2010 for the best protection. Kasperksy anti virus 2010 is cheaper if you are on a budget, and still good. Go with one of those. Webroot spy sweeper and anti virus isn’t as good, but is one of the lightest security programs. Webroot is good for if you are playing games, and don’t do much else. Don’t get me wrong webroot has the best anti spyware, but the anti virus isn’t there specialty. Go with webroot or kaspersky.
As for what brand of laptop i wouldn’t recomend dell. There tech support is awful and in my experience they are just a head ache. Hp and sony are one of the best laptop companies for just regular use. If you want a gaming labtop go with asus. Watch out for alienware, it is just a dell in disguise.
The processor really depends on what you are using it for. For regular use go with intel core duo 2. It gets the job done. If you need speed for gaming or for lots of demanding buisness programs go with the i7, it is the best of the best.
Email me for any questions you may still have. Whatever you do don’t use free av. It is nothing but a hassle. And just to warn you in advance, all the free anti virus users are going to give me a thumbs down. Good luck

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