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Posted by softwareguru on July 17, 2014

Carol asks…

What Is The Best Virus Protection Program On The Market?

What is the best virus protection program on the market? I have tried the free ones but am going to go ahead and spend the money on a good one but before I do that, I am wanting to know which is the best program out there that will cover everything from virus to malware to spybots. Is it McAfee? Norton? What other programs should I consider? Any and all answers would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You.

softwareguru answers:

Mcafee and norton are about as useful as a toilet seat full of crabs.Not to mention they are both resource hogs and mcafee’s spamkiller updates are worse than having adware on your pc. Neither one of these have great detection. I used to have mcafee full version and it failed miserably. I’ve never tried norton, but I’ve really heard it bogs down your pc. I use Stopzilla. It will kill all that stuff you’ve mentioned. It is the most powerful one i have ever used and I’ve tried a bunch of them. Some of the free products can do the job, but you have to have 5 or 6 of them on your machine, seeing how they are only good for minor infections. Anyhow good luck.

Lisa asks…

I Bought Bitdefender As Virus Protection.And Wondered?

Bitdefender was recommended no 2 in virus protection.I have run it several times and it has shown me malware that was even in zone alarm..Could this be correct..Anyone have any thoughts on bitdefender and how good it is?

softwareguru answers:

Virus protection is graded on various things such as ease of use and graphical user interface along with its protection capabilities. Bit Defender is a good program just as good as AVG or Ad Aware.

Not any one Virus protection is the greatest though at defense because a virus has to be written and released before it can be defended against. So having just one Virus protection on your computer is not enough. You should get one more or at least a firewall added to the arsenal.

But in the defense of Anti Viruses there are some out there that just lack in finding traces all together and I’m sure those were ranked low in your recommendation list and others that are so sensitive they pick up false/positives.

In the end it all comes down to whether or not you like it. Is the graphical user interface easy to use. Are the colors nice. Is it easy to understand? Thats what matters most.

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