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Posted by softwareguru on August 30, 2014

Thomas asks…

What is the difference between a mac pc game and a regular pc game?

i know that walmart offers games for macs and games for regular pcs. what’s the difference

softwareguru answers:

Well, Mac games work only on Macs(I hope you know what Macs are. They are the computers produced by Apple). The PC games work on PC Easy.
There are a lot of PC games as compared to Macs(ratio might be 20:1 if not more).

These games do not work on each other cause both the Macs and PC come with different OSes installed. Macs come with Leopard and PC comes with XP or Vista.
You can install an alternate OS in a Mac. So you can basically install Windows XP or Vista legally on a Mac and then play PC games on it but the same cannot be done on a PC(since Mac is copyrighted if you install it on Pc you are doing an illegal thing).

Usually Macs are for people who do graphical stuff and don’t need deep gaming. The PC on the other hand is for people who like gaming.
The Leopard OS on the Mac is much much better compared to Vista (since it’s faster and doesn’t hang or get viruses!!!). Graphically Macs are a better experience but gaming wise a PC is better.

James asks…

Explain something to me about the resident evil canon universe?

I like resident evil games but what I’ve never understood is in the resident evil world how much of the world is actually taken over by the virus? In the games they always portray your character as like a lone wolf last man standing kind of thing yet there are still large functioning organizations and military and such. And in the previews I saw for re6 there appears to be a whole city of uninfected people. At this point in the r e universe how much of the world is actually infected, and how is the military and umbrella corp still functioning?

softwareguru answers:

None of the world is actually taken over by the virus. There have just been many different outbreaks in many different locations. Those outbreaks are usually contained, and are dealt with. They haven’t had world wide outbreaks until RE6, which is why it takes place in so many locations.

Also, Umbrella was done for by the time RE4 came out. Since then, it has been different organizations that have had different variations of viruses and parasites.

Before RE6, the world was more or less as it should be, and at the start of 6, the s**t hits the fan.

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