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Posted by softwareguru on August 24, 2014

Mark asks…

When it comes to trojans and viruses what does a quarantine mean?

I currently have Avira Anti Virus on my other computer and it said it found 2 separate trojans. Right now these 2 files are in the quarantine section? What does that mean? Will that delete the trojans?

I feel like my Avira only scans and locates viruses, not removes them.

Also there are options like restore or delete. What do they do exactly?

Also can a full system wipe/restart get rid of the viruses or what?

softwareguru answers:

Quarantine isolates the virus or trojan from the rest of the computer to stop it from effecting the system.

The option restore will have it try to remove the malicous code and put the file back where it was found. This is mainly if the virus or trojan effects a normal system files.

The option delete will do just what it sounds like, it delete the virus.

Ye a full system wipe and reinstall OS will get rid of all viruses, but also everything else good and bad. Including all your personal stuff. (pictures, documents, files, games, installed programs, etc)

Linda asks…

What is the 1990s game in which you must defend a 3d representation of your system files from a virus?

The closer the virus gets to your system32 files, the more your computer’s state deteriorates–for example, you lose control of the input and your screen/display stops working. Thanks!

softwareguru answers:

Could any of these games be the one?

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