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Posted by softwareguru on August 19, 2014

Susan asks…

can i get any viruses by unlocking all factions on rome total war?

i want to be able to unlock all factions on rome total war… and i have been told how to do it by going through “my computer” but before i do it is there any chance of catching any viruses or causing the game to crash?

softwareguru answers:

I imagine what you read would have been some sort of way to tweak the game through its files to get what you want.

And no you wont get a virus that way, viruses are usually transmitted through downloads from outside sources. The only danger you could face is just messing up the game which a fresh reinstall of the game would be able to fix it easy in case that happens.

James asks…

How can i make combat arms lag less?

I got a new computer a few months ago,its got 4gb of RAM and i don’t have a whole lot on it yet combat arms still lags quit a lot i have tried everything i can find extensive virus scans, game booster, registry cleaner, defragmenting, clearing all my browser history and cookies and idk what else to do.
Adrien and Parker, i do not use nvidea? and my graphics card is an “Intel(R) HD graphics Pentium, im sorry if this is not exactly what you were looking for?

softwareguru answers:

When you are on Combat Arms go to the settings and click on graphics, make sure they’re all on low.
This includes “Character details.”

I would also like to know what your processor is.

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