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Posted by softwareguru on August 17, 2014

Maria asks…

How can i get rid of a virus?

I got a virus from one of my games, how can i run a scan and delete it manually OR automatically?
Please help, easy 10points

softwareguru answers:

Try scanning your computer with Malwarebytes. What I’ve found is while antivirus software is good for viruses, it’s not that great with spyware/malware.

Malwarebytes is the best anti-spyware/malware scanner/remover I know of. Download Malwarebytes FREE (as you only need it to scan and clean in your situation, otherwise the PRO version has real time scan but it’s a PAID version). I have used Malwarebytes at various client sites in the past and it has always been good at picking up nasties and removing them that antivirus software such as Symantec, Trend and NOD32 were unable to do.

Try this:

1. You’ll need Malwarebytes, so if you haven’t already, download Malwarebytes from or (either one will work)

2. Restart your computer. When your computer starts up, after the BIOS/logo screen, press [F8] and choose “SAFE MODE with Networking” (*very important!*). Install Malwarebytes on your computer. Now update Malwarebytes.

3. Open Malwarebytes and do a **FULL SCAN** (you must do a FULL SCAN) from Malwarebytes and wait for it to finish. This will take some time to complete so be patient. A Full Scan will scan more files and pick up more things than a “quick scan”.

4. Remove/delete all the nasties it found then reboot your computer again in *SAFE MODE*.

5. Run a “FULL SCAN” again from Malwarebytes in case there are more infected files that didn’t show up the first time as generally deleting the first lot of infected files ‘unhides’ more files which are infected.

Let me know how you get on and whether this has fixed it.

Sandra asks…

Can my computer get a virus from a game?

I want to play and install the Sims 2 Nightlife on my computer. I played it on my old 5 yr old computer, and it made it slow down and restart itself. Is it a virus? Will it do that to my new computer?

softwareguru answers:

Often when something is intsalled on a computer it will restart, and yes it shold be slower your taking up memory space.

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