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Posted by softwareguru on August 12, 2014

Lizzie asks…

Can I get viruses on my computer from searching in google?

I heard that if im on the computer searching in google for some homework i can get viruses from clicking on a lot of things in google trying to find the information i need. is that true, and i also would like to know if i can get viruses from playing games on the computer? Does it make the computer slower or anything?

softwareguru answers:

Not from searching, but from clicking on some of the search results, it is possible. I recommend installing Site Advisor. This free product will pop-up a red balloon if you go to any web sites that have malware. It will also put green, yellow, and red icons next to your Google and Yahoo search results. Http://

Paul asks…

How to really detect a virus on your computer?

I can be really protective of my computer and what goes in it, but I want to make sure no virus goes in. I’ve had a trojan virus before on a laptop and it really ruined things for me.
I have Kaspersky and I know it can ‘detect’ virus and stuff, but how can I really be safe?

softwareguru answers:

Of special importance is to understand that “signature” based A-V’s (which most including Avast! Is) rely on a library of ‘fingerprints’ of KNOWN virus.
If there’s something on the Internet that has gone undetected, there’s no signature; ergo no counter-measure.
The bad guys ‘update’ their junk, just like an anti-virus does, in order to avoid detection.
It’s an eternal cat-n-mouse game between good and evil.

Another significant aspect is the level of sophistication of the recent malware waves sweeping the ‘Net: they can ‘load’ themselves before Windows loads and thus either hide exceptionally well, or turn off the security you do have; and remain undetected.

This is the conundrum Windows users face when interfacing with the ‘Net…they can never be certain of the state of their system.

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