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Posted by softwareguru on August 9, 2014

Lisa asks…

how can i get a virus by playing a sever games such as combat arms? I know the download is safe. just the game?

Not the download itself because that’s safe. ive scan it but im talking about when im playing. can i get attacked by a virus and how do i prevent that. please. i downloaded comdo firewall because i heard you could get a virus from playing games.

softwareguru answers:

Well simply put, the chances of that are very slim. Most modern servers have good anti virus.

Mark asks…

How can I get rid of this virus on a game I bought?

I bought a used game (the sims 2 ikea) and AVG said it was infected with Win32/Heur. I quarantined it and uninstalled the game. What is this virus? Does this mean the game is useless?

softwareguru answers:


It is a false positive, the game is fine and it is not infected. AVG was having some files like that reporting as false positives.

Heur stands for heuristic, so AVG is looking for suspicious code and then it might tag that as a threat when it is not. Scan with a different program and see if you still get the problem.

I hope this helps,


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