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Posted by softwareguru on August 7, 2014

Sharon asks…

Can computer viruses spread to games consoles?

I have my sons games console routed via a DMZ (open to all ports) and my ISP have turned off their firewall their end – leaving my console with no firewall between itself and the WAN. Was wondering if this would leave it prone to some sort of attack/manipulation.

softwareguru answers:

No not a chance,game console,drives dont get virus or malware

Lizzie asks…

Is there a way to program multiple programs to run simultaneously after clicking one icon?

So this is what I want to happen. I’m not a computer programmer so help me out. Before I play my games, I have to do three to four things before I could actually play.
Open Fraps, Turn off norton virus scanner, Open Game Booster, then Open the actual game.
So is there a way to make one program that will do all of that and undo it after playing? Thank you ^^

softwareguru answers:

You could possibly do this by means of a batch, or command file. These are simply text files that process commands one line at a time. I don’t know the specific commands needed to run the programs you list, but the general outline is like this:

@echo off
rem — the above line just keeps the file from echoing commands to the prompt window
rem — and the REM command is simply a REMark.. It does nothing.
rem — the above would be fraps…
rem — ditto
rem — Now to “undo”

Once you have created this file (in Notepad.exe, for example), save it not as a text file, but with the extension .BAT. Then, you can create a shortcut on your desktop and you can even assign it a custom icon. Now, you double-click it, and it fires off the commands, one by one, waiting for each to finish before starting the next.

If you need one to run and not wait, you can CALL it from within the BAT file.

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