Your Questions About Virus Game

Posted by softwareguru on August 1, 2014

Charles asks…

How to successfully remove svchost.exe virus?

Has anyone ever removed this virus without getting a new computer or formatting the CPU? If so, can you please let me know how to remove it? Appreciate it.

What are the long term effects if this virus remained on your computer? Does this virus cause game crashes and computer crashes?

softwareguru answers:

It’s not a virus; it’s a some-what essential windows process.

Also, you can’t format a CPU, but you can smash it with a hammer.

Paul asks…

Can you get a virus by installing a game?

I want to try this game called “Aliens vs. Predators 2,” but I’m afraid i might get a virus by uploading the game to my laptop. Is it true i can get a virus from just uploading a game from the CD to the my laptop?

softwareguru answers:

Sometimes it happened, but you can avoid it, maybe this site help you

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