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Posted by softwareguru on September 6, 2014

Sharon asks…

Windows 7 BIG PROBLEM!!!?

->Our home PC uses window 7 where there is supposedly very few viruses… Suddenly, a ton of trojans appear, some sort of notification is in our desktop & I can’t access Facebook & a few other sites including Google… It says:

YOUR SYSTEM IS INFECTED(in big red font & all caps)

System has been stopped due to a serious malfunction.
Spyware activity has been detected.

It is recommended to use spyware removal tool to prevent data loss.
Do not run any application before all spyware removed.

Is this the virus itself? Or is it a real notification from the system? What can I do to remove it? Please help me! I can’t afford to reformat my PC!

->EF Koreman has the closest response so far, but no solutions… Solutions please?

->I removed it by using Task Manager and I can access Facebook fine again, but it always runs on start up whenever I restart…

softwareguru answers:

Yes this is malware. It’s probably Antivirus2010 or a variant on that. Not a virus but nasty scam software, not that easy to get rid of.

You most probably got it on an infected website. On such sites the browser window minimizes and there is a popup box offering you to scan your PC. If you click on anything (including the red X) this malware installs itself. If you ever run in something like that again, kill the browser process tree via task manager or Process Explorer. I cannot help you any further with this infection, last year it took me several hours of scanning, running tools, deleting files and registry hyves and killing processes. I suggest you Google for your symptoms on another PC since the malware will drive you nuts with popups.

After reading other comments just one more thing, you can get this kind of malware even if you have a good virus scanner running. Malware changes so it won’t be detected that easily. Further, there are always flaws and bugs in any OS and no virus scanner will prevent you from starting an installation. I got infected by a variant of this crapware on a busy well known blog.

Since you ask for a solution, the solution is to determine what kind of infection you have and follow the steps required to get rid of it. It can be anything, even a brand new variant. As said it took me hours of scanning, deleting stuff and killing processes. My PC was infected with Antivirus2010 and no virus scanner was able to clean it although some claimed they did. I had to download a tool that was made especially to deal with this infection and if I recall correctly it was made by the people of Kaspersky. Afterwards I ran rootkitrevealer and several virus scanners and anti malware kits.

Sandra asks…

Computer Security Help I need firewall spyware and help detecting and removal a possible installed program!?

I am have avast! Free Antivirus and Windows Firewall. How do I check the status of which firewalls are running? I have a Windows 7 HP Desktop. Also someone suggested to me to install two spywares i have spybot search & destroy 1.6.2 and there other suggestion was Malwbytes Anti-Marlware 1.46 but i am not sure if this is a anti-spyware. I am also afraid this computer might also be installed with eblaster or a program a like it I just need a solid program that can spot if a program like eblaster was installed on this computer.

softwareguru answers:

Disable the windows firewall and get Comodo firewall its a lot better and works well with Avast. Malwarebytes and spyboy is good just add SuperAnti spyware. Do a boot time scan with Avast this is very good at finding bad programs just click on scan and click the boot time scan set it up and restart your computer Avast will scan everything before it loads;pop

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