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Posted by softwareguru on August 22, 2014

Ruth asks…

Virus/Spyware/malware in Windows 7 (zik17 Videos)?

Help me please, virus/spyware/malware (might be) attacked my computer.
When I open my Firefox browser always appear icon(s) ” zik17 Videos de Best Windows 7 dreamscene ever FULL HD wmv zik17 Co-5″ on my desktop background. But if I open others browser, such as Chrome or IE, it’s just normal like usually.
I have scanned using AVG Internet Security 2013 & SmadAv Rev 9.3.1, plus scanned spyware/malware that include in Advanced System Optimizer ver. 3.5, but nothing detected.

Pleeease before it’s too late…
Thanks (Sorry for my bad English)

softwareguru answers:

Advanced System Optimizer downloads “System Protector”=Rogue software.
You have infected your pc with Malware. This was just confirmed. Tested in a Sandbox
Removal Guide


Chris asks…

Does windows 7 automatically come with security?

default windows security

softwareguru answers:

Windows Defender for Spyware and Windows firewall come with it
If you go with an add on free firewall, be prepared for pop ups all the time asking for permission to access the internet and pop ups all the time asking to upgrade. The add on ones are a real hassle. I tried comodo once, hated it. Now comodo is on the news for a security failure in their system with breaches. I say avoid the free add on ones

I ran MSE (Microsoft Security Essentials) on a windows xp computer and a windows 7 computer. It dragged down the XP box and the windows 7 box ran it screaming fast. Its not yet a top rated antivirus, but MSE is a good antivirus for the price. When it installs, MSE turns off Windows Defender because it does not need it. It duplicates what Defender does.

Other good options
AVAST, an excellent free AV product that includes root kit protection. None of the other free ones has it. Avira free – one of the highest detection rates but no root kit protection.

Malwarebytes – malware removal is top notch and being used by all the tech help forums
Superantispyware – malware remover being used by all the tech help forums

hope this helps

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