Your Questions About Spyware Removal Windows 7

Posted by softwareguru on August 20, 2014

Donald asks…

security toolbar 7.1 spyware?

There are a lot of solutions and suggestion to remove this malware, trojan virus or whatever you may call it. All i want to ask is what’s the effect of this unfortunate circumstance that caught my laptop a day ago. Is it a high risk virus? Or just a silly pop-up that distracts somebody’s eyes? I hope it doesn’t erase files or something. thanks

softwareguru answers:

Security Toolbar 7.1 is the Internet Explorer toolbar (Browser Helper Object) designed to provide targetet advertisment, while you surf the Web. Security Toolbar may also generate false positives to scare users and trick to download rogue anti-spyware programs. This program can open Windows security backdoors and download other spyware. Remember to backup your regitry before removing Security Toolbar manually.
try manual removal instructions

Mark asks…

Help me remove security toolbar 7.1 from computer with windows vista?

I have downloaded Spyware Doctor, cleaned out viruses, tried system restore, no luck.
I was able to disenable the tool bar but I still have the webpage that has taken over, Security center trying to sell me Virus Heal and AntiSpyware Shield. I am downloading AVG.
THANK YOU!!! AVG got rid of it!!!!! I really appreciate all of the help!!!

softwareguru answers:

Your PC is infected with a smitfraud trojan.
Spyware such as Smitfraud can invade your privacy, bombard you with pop-up windows, slow down your computer, and even make your computer crash.
Go here and use the smitfraud removal tool

Remove toolbar 7.1
Security Toolbar 7.1 is a toolbar associated with people who create trojans to purposely infect computers. Once this toolbar is installed if you try to open your homepage you may be directed to a rogue antispyware site such as Spy Heal or Dr Antispy it may say “System Security Status: Warning!!!” Also, infected user have an extra toolbar called Security toolbar 7.1 with two green two bars one saying “block adware” the other “remove spyware”.

This will remove it. Its free for home use.


Or, you can do it this way.

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